10 Life-Changing Things You Should Take To The Beach

by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.

10. Lovin’ Summer Beach Tent

Buzzfeed – As we’ve already established, I’m not a Beach Person, but I have started to enjoy a day spent reading on the beach a bit more in my old age. But I am still often vexed by the lack of shade, as hats/visors aren’t really my thang, and I’d prefer to avoid the tan lines caused by sunglasses. An umbrella seemed like a good idea, but it’s also not something I’m terribly inclined to invest in, nor is it something I’d know where to store in my apartment on the 363 days a year when I’m not using it.
When a PR company pitched me on this tent, I was equal parts interested and skeptical. I mostly doubted that it would be as easy to carry, set up, and break down as they promised it would, and I wasn’t really sure it would make that much difference in my beach experience. I. Was. Wrong.
The first time we took it to the beach, a few friends had it unpacked and assembled within minutes. It makes it easy to get a lot of shade or just partial shade, and it’s really beautiful. Everyone in the group raved about how much they liked it, and several complete strangers at the beach stopped by to ask us where we got it. And! At the end of our beach day, it was just as easy to break it down and put it back into the yoga-bag-sized tote it came in. We actually didn’t take it to the beach for the first time until last August, but I’ve been eagerly waiting to tell you guys about it since then.

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