Beach Tent Instructions

STEP 1 : Lay down the centre cross bar pole on the ground where you would like to set up your tent. Place one yellow pole holder at each end of the cross bar and hammer it in with the mallet. Then insert the two vertical poles into the pole holders. Lift the centre cross bar pole and attach it on top of the spikes of the vertical poles. You now have a freestanding structure.

STEP 2 : Place the tent fabric over the structure and insert the spikes of the vertical poles through desired tent rings.

STEP 3 : Insert the peg into the sand at a 45 degree angle of the tent corner with a mallet then loop through the rope on the corner of the tent through the peg and attach the clip back onto the rope. Repeat for all corners. Then revisit each corner and slide the clip further up the rope to fasten until taut.

All done!
Use the different rings on the tent to optimise shade angles from sun.