AKA MOM |5 Must-Have Products to Keep You Safe in the Summer Sun

By Dana DeMercurio

AKA MOM | The month of May marks the nation’s annual Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and as the most common cancer among Americans,
we wanted to spread the word about organizations and products that are making a difference in the fight against this often-times preventable malady. Shop these must must-haves with us as we spend for a cause this month.


We have many reasons to thank Australia for their contributions to the modern world – I’m talking of course about Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana. But aside from these uber-sexy Aussies, we’ve more to be grateful for from the Down Unda’ thanks to Lovin’ Summer Beach Tents. These durable and adorable easy-to-pitch beach tents are perfect for solo or small family gatherings to keep away those troublesome sunrays with its 99% UV protection. Colorful canvases are available for stylish sunscreening with optimal protection. Its lightweight design makes it a perfect portable for even the laziest beach bums. Throw some shade in style this summer with a simple yet innovative Lovin’ Summer Beach Tent.

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