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Stylish summer sun shades from down under

This “heatwave” summer is well and truly here and temperatures are set to rise! If you’re not already thinking about how you’re going to manage in the sweltering heat then we are here to get you back on track.
Whilst as Brits, we spend most of the year complaining about the weather, it is time to take note of a more hardy Australian mentality. Having spent a few generations getting fried like lobsters in the searing heat, they know a thing or two about how to deal with it.


Enter a new concept from Lovin’Summer – a crew of beachgoers who not only deal with the heat, but do it in a very stylish way. We saw this amazing sun shade and knew we had to get it in stock at Bear & Bear.

Whether you’re a veteran festival-goer, staycationing or jetting off to an exotic location this summer, this brilliant sun shade is a worthwhile investment. Even the most seasoned sun worshipers among us seek shade at some point, and a sun hat or flimsy parasol just doesn’t hack it. With a Lovin’Summer sun shade you are winning, both in the practical and fashion stakes. Form most certainly meets function with these innovative and unique tents that are a far cry from the normal nylon nasties you see on most beaches or parks.
At Bear & Bear, we love nothing more than a day at the beach, and with summer here we’re always on the lookout for innovative and stylish ways to keep our cool as the temperatures soar. This is where Australian Lovin’Summer sun shade come into play.
These tents will transform your outdoor experience and leave others green with envy. Whether you’re on warm sands or seeking shade in the garden, their modern patterns and slick designs will have you embracing a laid-back Aussie vibe in no time, whilst protecting your skin from harsh UV rays, keeping your beverages ice-cold and your brow dry.


Unlike the average tent contraption you find precariously pegged-in at the beach, this chic and elegant construction allows a cool breeze to funnel through (without whipping it straight out of the ground), keeping you pleasantly cool all day-long. Perfect for families, couples and groups of friends, there’s a design for everyone! Ideal for the festival season and holidays, these tents are extremely portable; simply place the neat and stylish bag over the shoulder and you can take it anywhere. We look forward to seeing these popping up all over the place, bringing a bit of Aussie-style and comfort to the UK.


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