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Londoner In Sydney | Blog, Lifestyle November 29, 2014
Beach Tent By Lovin Summer


Londoner In Sydney |I’ve noticed a lot of Australians are in fact similar to the British when it comes to the weather – they moan when it’s cold and moan when it’s too hot. Why can’t there ever be that perfect temp?! It has been so hot here in Sydney this last month and it’s not even summer yet as temperatures reached 38C this week and although the weather is so good here, it can be too good that it’s just too hot to go to the beach. Most Aussie’s flock to the cinema or to the shopping mall when it’s hot to get a good dose of air con but I’ve now found that perfect balance when it comes to wanting to spend my entire weekend on the beach and that’s down to the Beach Tent by Lovin Summer. I’ve never used any kind of shade before on the beach and although I see a lot of people with their umbrellas or those half camping tents with the front cut off, I’ve not seen anything like this.
The Australian brand, Lovin Summer has come up with the perfect solution – A beach tent that packs up into a small bag so that it’s easy to carry around let alone being super light. Last weekend was the big 38C weekend so Steve & I headed up to the Northern Beaches of Sydney to test out this tent. I wasn’t expecting it to be that big but it was amazing. I feel like it’s a whole new ball game when it comes to going to the beach now.

It’s definitely spacious enough to fit two people in along with a lot of space to put your eskie (cool box!) in which is the best part so your food and drinks will stay cold all day long. I love this beach tent by Lovin Summer and I noticed a lot of people loving it too on the beach. I saw a much smaller version a big group of people were using near us to store their eskie’s in and I over heard them saying that they wish they had something similar to our size. They come in a variety of colours and our orange print one goes perfectly with our blue and white striped towels. It’s really easy to put up and comes with a mallett to make sure the poles are put into the sand properly and I really love the airflow that you get with this tent unlike any of the half camping tents you see on the beach.

This beach tent by Lovin Summer is a must buy for anyone who spends time on the beach. I would usually spend 2 hours max on the beach before as it gets too hot usually but with this tent, I can now spend the entire day without frying in the sun. It’s perfect. With a retail price of $165, this tent will last a long time and you’ll wonder why on earth you didn’t have one before.
To find out more information by Lovin Summer, see their site here.


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