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To love summer in Australia is to worship the beach.

The sun, the sand, the surf, perpetually chasing that figmentary tan and learning the fine art of doing little-to-nothing by the water.

In summer, you’ll find me here. And as of this summer, I do this constantly under the lounging comfort of theLovin’ Summer beach tent.

It’s funny to see trends catching on; and never would I have thought that beach tents followed trends, but lo-and-behold, with one uniquely designed resilient beach tent comes many more to the point you see them covering the beach. Can’t argue with a good design, can you?

The couple behind Lovin’ Summer, Jackie and Kellie are beach worshippers themselves. They’re from Mt. Martha in the south of Victoria, a prime beach location, and found themselves determined to add a generous dash of cleverly designed flair to the laziness of their days of summer.

The tents are designed by the ladies and manufactured using quality canvas, easy-to-use and impossible-to-lose securing paraphernalia and study fastenings to ensure the tent stays fully assembled even after the most vigorous of beach day workouts.

Designed in a simple A-frame manner and inspired by the world’s top beach locations like Biarittz, Bondi, Santorini and South Beach, the tents take only a few minutes to prop up, offer a cool, relaxed and supremely stylish way for beach enjoyment alone, with friends or family.

Check out more at lovinsummer.com.au

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